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Age 2 ~ “Busy Bees”

As toddlers begin interacting with their peers and discovering items through their new found curiosities, it is imperative at this stage to provide your 2 year old with a nurturing and hands on learning environment. Our Busy Bees program is designed to introduce your toddler to visual and oral recognition of the following topics:

Alphabet: Upper/Lower Case Letters, Phonic Sounds (A-Z)

Vowels: Recognition through visual and oral exercises
Numbers: Counting objects and Pictures 1-10 or more
Colors: Recognition through association with physical objects and pictures
Shapes: Recognition through physical objects and tracing
Five Senses: Hearing, Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste
Fine Motor Skills: Tracing left to right while holding a crayon correctly

Age 3 ~ “Shining Stars”

As your toddler begins to gain more self-esteem and awareness of letters, numbers, colors, & shapes, it is essential to continue encouragement through activities promoting confidence and continued exploration. Our “Shining Stars” program is designed to introduce your toddler to visual, oral, and written recognition of the following concepts:

Alphabet: Identify first and last name, upper and lower case letters, fluently reciting letter A-Z

Vowels: Fluently recites long/short vowel sounds

Numbers: Identifying age and fluently counting from 1-20

Colors: Recognition through association with physical objects and pictures (English & Spanish)

Shapes: Recognition through physical objects and tracing

Concepts: Up/Down, In/Out,  Front/Back, Wet/Dry, Days of the week, Speaks in complete sentences, Five senses
Listening Skills: Written exercises, Beginning sounds, Ending sounds, Short/Long vowel sounds, Identify numbers
Written: Alphabet (upper/lower case letters), Numbers (1-20), Name

Age 4 ~ “Little Scholars” (Pre-K)

Pre-kindergartners are ready to expand in areas which allow them to be independent decision makers. With their ability of maintaining greater self-control, making plans, and completing tasks, they now want to become self-reliant. Our “Little Scholars” program fosters your 4 year-old with the confidence to pursue independent exploration and expand in the following areas:

Alphabet: Recognition and ability to master the alphabet and sounds

Vowels: Ability to master 3-4-5 letter words, and sight words.

Numbers: Counting 1-200, Adding/ Subtracting, Counting Money, Time Telling, Months of the Year

Written: Ability to write first and last name along with full alphabet

Concepts: Opposites, Five Senses, and Fine Motor Skill

Topics: Science, Social Studies, Language Skills

Age 5  ~ “Young Professionals” ( Kindergarten)

As your child quickly approaches school age, they have become more imaginative and begun to grasp the skills of abstract problem solving. They are now asking analytical questions and have begun to engage with their peers on a more heightened level of social interaction. Our “Young Professionals” program is designed to develop your 5 year olds academic and social skills through the following areas:
Reading: Students learn to read by phonetically attacking words, comprehension skills, and oral expression

Language: Weekly spelling test, sentence structuring, punctuation, basic phonics, and vowel rules

Speech: Students will speak fluently and answer in complete sentences, development of clear oral expression, idea sharing,  and the ability to give oral presentation

Arithmetic: Recognition of numbers 200 and above, understand number concepts, time, money, counting by 5′s and 10′s, addition and subtraction, temperature,  basic measurement, number sequencing, and basic word problems

Social Skills: Learn to relate to peers, develop sharing relationships with other

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